Debatemne: Thai-Dk Din debat side :: Buffalo beauty pageant held at colourful festival in Thailand

Oprettet af thai d. 13-10-2020 09:13

The muscular bovines were dressed in colourful costumes and jewels for the show in Chonburi province, which includes high-octane buffalo races.

Many of the well-bred bovines wore handmade head-dresses, coats and ankle bracelets. One buffalo even had a coronavirus theme costume with surgical face masks and decorative bottles of hand sanitizers.

Locals have been holding the festival for more than 150 years as a way to show reverence to the farm , which are used across the country.

Crowds were smaller at this year's event due to the impact of the coronavirus on travel and tourism - but organisers continued with the show and races.

The buffalo pulled wooden carts in a parade with floats, dancers and young women dressed in traditional Thai costumes.

It marks the end of the Buddhist lent period and the beginning of the rice planting season.