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The Bang Sue Grand Station, seen here in an architect's drawing, is on track to replace Hua Lamphong as the rail transport hub by January, 2021.

Bang Sue Central Station, which is set to replace Hua Lamphong as the capital's main rail transport hub, will be operational by January 2021, says
Worawut Mala, acting governor of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT).

He said construction of the station was expected to be completed by November of next year and the installation of the signal system should be wrapped up by mid-2020, followed by test runs in June.

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sidste video i rækken

Bang Sue will replace iconic Hua Lamphong as Bangkok's main rail transport hub after it becomes oper

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Goodbye Hua Lamphong. Hello Bang Sue Grand Station. Bangkok lost a 105yr old legend.

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A look inside Bang Sue Grand Station or Bangkok Grand Central Station depending on where you read it.

No matter its name, this is one massive project that’s almost complete.

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Walking in Bangkok Train Station (Hua Lamphong) before its closure in 23 December 2021 and move all trains to Bang Sue Grand Station.