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Snake handlers have tug-of-war with python found in woman's car engine in Thailand
This is the dramatic moment rescuers had a tug-of-war with a giant snake found in a pickup truck's engine.

A teacher checked her car in the garage of her house when she found the 13ft-long python lying underneath the vehicle in Chonburi, eastern Thailand on September 30.

The frightened driver tried to scare the snake away, but it crawled inside the gaps of her car so she called the animal rescuers for help.

They searched for the reptile upon arriving and found it stuck on the front part of the car's engine.

Its body was entangled with the motor parts inside so they had to force it out since the car owner did not want her vehicle taken to the garage.

The four rescue volunteers stood in a line and held each other's waist before the person in the front-most part grabbed the snake by its tail.

They were laughing while pulling the reptile's body out of the engine by having a tug-of-war style contest with the reptile.

After almost three hours of pulling and de-tangling, they were able to free the reptile.

The relieved car owner said she wanted to save the python but could not afford to damage her car.

She said: "I am glad that we did not have to break down my car to save the snake. I am thankful for the rescuers.

''I am not sure my insurance company would pay the repair bill if they had taken apart the engine.''

The uninjured python was taken into a sack and released in the woods later away from the village.