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German Ice Dealer In Bangkok Busted

A big German drug dealer is caught live with methamphetamine (ICE) after Thai police intercepted a large consignment of ICE being delivered to Nigerians. Investigations revealed that he bought from big Nigerian ice dealers and sold on to smaller ice dealers. This video reveals how German drug dealers lie and lie until they are cornered.

The German's bank account also revealed large regular transactions to big Nigerian drug dealers living in Bangkok suburbs leading to the arrests of many Nigerian dealers and Thai drug runners.

The German claimed to be running an Internet networking company and his Nigerian neighbors were arrested moments later running online lottery 419 scams. Interrogations revealed that a German gang of bikers in Bangkok and Pattaya are developing drug logistics and selling Ice that is often laced with heroin to stupid people.

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Nigerian Pedophile Scammer CRUCIFIED

A pedophile who trains Thai children how to do 419 scams is captured. This hardcore Nigerian criminal goes from stubborn denial to full confession without even a finger being laid upon him. Ernest Prince Okonkwo also known as Don Prince or as Tony Jamaica built his own estate and church on the Laos border where he ran his scam operations, he also built a small coffeeshop to try and account for his lavish lifestyle.

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Aussie Rugby Legend exposed as leader of Africa Scam Gang

Rare video showing an Australian scam victim ended up becoming the leader of a Thai/Nigerian/Liberian 419 Black dollar gang. The gang leader is a Sydney based millionaire Denis John Pittard who was an Aussie rugby legend living a life of the edge with a gang of African prostitutes who he trained to scam fellow Australians such as Robert Connolly of Australian Channel 9's famous 60 minutes classic episode called SCAMMED.

This video shows how the greed of some Australians leads them first to become scam victims and then either commit suicide, become beggars or as in this case become scamming kingpins of large West African Scam syndicates that also employ hordes of plump Asian hookers.

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falangen her er også lidt dum han betalte en falsk advokat for at få falske dokumenter på at han måtte udføre et stykke arbejde som alle med bare en lille smule viden om thailand ved at det må faranger ikke

nu spiller han helt uskyldig og slynger falske påstande rundt og forventer at andre falanger hjælper ham med penge, han har fået raget 6005 US dollar til sig

A resident of Koh Samui recently found himself locked up in jail after papers he thought were legal and correct and allowed him to run a backpacker resort were all properly valid. However they were not. Loren has shared his story on a Go Fund Me page – here is what it says.

Hi, I’m Loren, as most of you probably know. I’m a traveler and try to be open and honest always, and as a result I have the most incredible luck. I always say it’s not always good luck, but always incredible!

This week my incredible luck was incredibly bad. I’ve spent the last 2.5 years building up a backpacker hostel in Koh Samui, Thailand. We are a simple, cheap place, but we thrive on being good to EVERYONE around us. We take our customers in like family, take on backpackers as staff to be part of that family, and take everyone out each night to local businesses to grow the community around us and show everyone a great time for the cheapest price possible. While we’re not fancy, I’m very proud of the community we’ve created. It’s been a huge ordeal operating a foreign business, and after many terrible lawyers doing paperwork wrong, and many police and immigration officers showing me what was wrong and how to fix it, I thought we were finally all correct.

But 3 days ago, police showed up at my hostel and inspected my current paperwork that just 5 days ago I was reassured in person by my lawyer was 100% correct and valid for me to legally operate my hostel under that business license. The police disagreed. They said the papers, which are 100% in Thai, weren’t correct or valid, and that I’m operating without a license. I called my lawyer and told her the police said her papers are all wrong. Instead of racing over like a lawyer is supposed to when police are holding their client, she hung up on us, and turned off her phone.

I later discovered she was not a licensed lawyer and the documents are all invalid. She knew she was busted, so she ditched me. The police just want SOMEONE to pay for it, so they hauled me off to jail. They took my passport, they took the lawyer’s card so I didn’t have her info, and they told me I had no choice but to sign the papers explaining my charges in Thai, but once I did, I would go home. I signed, and they took me downstairs and put me in a jail cell with 3 other prisoners. I spent the night on the floor there, except when I was taken out for fingerprinting and documents.

They started mentioning fines and a lot of under-the-table bribes that first were supposed to get me out right away, but after I paid, they said it would be 8am, then 10am, then after court. I messaged my mom and she called the embassy, and advised I didn’t sign the false confession, written all in Thai. When I mentioned the embassy to the police, they tore up the papers and told me now I have to just sit in jail a month and wait for them. I later learned that in Thailand you can be held 91 days without being charged, while they build their case against you. They told me they wouldn’t even consider my case again for a month if I denied wrongdoing and went after the crooked lawyer.

I’ve built my adult life on being open and honest always, no matter what. And while I was calm and relaxed, not scared or panicking through the whole ordeal, tears streamed down my face as I sacrificed all my morals and ethics and signed the paper full of lies. The officers told me to relax, now I will be free soon, and I told them it wasn’t the police, or jail, or money or anything. I used google translate and put my phone on the table with just the phrase “Sacrificed my morals” written in Thai. From that point on I kept my head down and couldn’t look anyone in the eye, even my friends and loved ones that came to help.

The next morning, 8am turned to 10, to 11, when police came and put me in a car. This officer was kind and stopped to let me pee and get some water. He offered food, but I couldn’t eat. We went to an office that was labeled Attorney General, but we only sat in that room in silence for 30 minutes. Someone gave me 20 baht and told me to pray to Buddha and put it in a display where others had done the same. Then they said I was going to see the judge. We drove up a hill where my friends were diverted and I was taken to the back of the building. They took my phone led me to a hall to a door full of bars. I realized it wasn’t the courtroom.

They put me in an furniture-less room with 15 people in prison uniforms and leg shackles. And left me there for the rest of the day. At one point a lady came with papers for me to sign entering a guilty verdict. She was the first person to speak English to me. She reiterated that if I don’t sign, I would go back to jail for at least 15 days before I could take any action again. I signed and laid back on the bare floor for a few more hours. They finally called me name, took me into a hallway where they used a webcam to connect to a guy in an office who spoke all in Thai but apparently lowered my fine (because of all the bribes I was paying) and released me. They put me back in the cell and came to ask for more money. An hour later I was finally released and they drove me home and dropped me off, after a 1000 baht tip for “gas money”.

I’m extremely fortunate to have friends and loved ones that helped me through all this, and people that forwarded me large sums of money to get me out. But I’ve been forced to shut my business until I can redo all the papers my bogus lawyer did wrong. The police told me not to trust anyone, but to go to the mainland and do them all myself. In Thai. Somehow. So, I’m out a business, for now, and bankrupted and in debt to the people that fronted money to me. One Thai family liquidated 2 months’ salary to forward me everything they could. I’m determined to pay them back quickly.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from people asking how to help, even phone calls to send extraction teams in. People suggested starting a GoFundMe campaign to try to raise the money to reopen the business and get back earning before the high season in December, so I can earn enough money to pay off all these loans. So… Here I am. Asking for any little help my incredible group of friends can offer me. I don’t have much to offer in return, but if you ever come to any of my hostels, of course you’ll always have a place to stay and a friend to show you local life!


- Loren


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Been getting a ton of conflicting information, but it seems a lot of this was caused completely by the police's illiteracy. My license is valid to run a guesthouse (which is condisdered small), not a "hotel" which is considered a large building/business/operation, and requires separate licenses. They police claimed I'm operating a hotel since my signs say hotel all over them. Except they don't. They say HOSTEL. So, the police misread it and put me in jail and took all my money.

To save face, they told me now that Hostels are illegal in Thailand and will all be shut down soon. They also said in Samui it's not permitted to use the word "hostel" on a sign. I sent them a dozen pictures of signs that say "hostel" just in my immediate neighborhood. Now I've been told if I change my name I can reopen almost immediately. But I've also been told that I'll just be busted again for the same thing if I do.

It looks like what's safest is to go to the mainland and start a new company, new business name, new everything from scratch on my own, with no lawyers or 3rd party Thai partners. Working only with myself, the government, and a trusted Thai friend/translator/partner.

I've been unbelievably overwhelmed by the response this campaign has gathered, and am in complete disbelief that so many of you were able and willing to contribute so much! I expected to earn maybe $200, but every penny counts in this situation. I'm a bit awkward about where to go now. We more than met our original goal, which was the costs of the money taken from me and a little to deal with my business being closed. I'm raising the goal now to help cover the costs of doing everything over from scratch, which seems the safest course, if I'm to stay in Samui. I'm humbled and grateful for everything contributed so far, and don't want to seem demanding asking for more. So please know that I don't expect anything more, but certainly appreciate any help anyone chooses to offer.

Just like the hostel itself, this next step would be 100% impossible on my own, but is rather a collection of incredible people - travelers, friends, and kind-hearted strangers - that built the hostel into what it is, and will now revive it into something even more amazing than before. Thank you all, in all sincerity and from the bottom of my heart.

ps. Some wording has been changed due to concerns of US laws, retribution from guilty parties, and some small media coverage even. I don't want anyone to be negatively affected by doing something kind and helping me.

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Update 2

Just updated the page. Removed certain terminology at the suggestion of many, especially since this has (amazingly) received press attention now.. Nervous that police will seek retribution. But I've updated the story as well with yesterday's developments, so recheck the page to learn more.

Looks like I have to change the name to not include "hostel". So far, Backpacker Social Club has been most fitting, since our beds are a tiny part of what we really offer and why people love us. Would love your thoughts.

And, just to add some flavor and story to this post, here's a prison story:

After a few minutes in the holding cell with all the shackled prisoners, one of them hobbled over and asked for some of my big bottle of water. I shared and he thanked me, so I turned to the other 14 people in the room and offered to them too. They all looked apprehensive and shook their heads no. He said to me, "they won't drink after I do. They're scared because I have HIV, hahaha!" And then he limped away. Awkward.

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Yindee skrev

falangen her er også lidt dum han betalte en falsk advokat for at få falske dokumenter på at han måtte udføre et stykke arbejde som alle med bare en lille smule viden om thailand ved at det må faranger ikke

nu spiller han helt uskyldig og slynger falske påstande rundt og forventer at andre falanger hjælper ham med penge, han har fået raget 6005 US dollar til sig

det er famle utroligt hvor frække nogle kan kan være i deres jagt på på andre folks penge

det er mere utroligt at nogle giver penge til den slags platten slagere

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Missing Israeli Found Buried Under Fresh Concrete
Eliyahu Cohen, at right, was found dead and buried under freshly laid concrete by authorities on Saturday in northwestern metro Bangkok.''

BANGKOK — Two Israeli men will be charged with premeditated murder after the body of a third was found buried under freshly poured concrete at a rental home in Nonthaburi, police said Sunday.

Eliyahu Cohen, a 63-year-old Israeli policeman, was found Saturday, three days after he had been reported missing, at a home in Bang Bua Thong district rented by Yaakov Shimon Sakira Bitton, 50, and his 17-year-old son, both Israeli.

Police Lt. Col. Pattapon Wajanasunthorn said that the crime suppression and metro police worked to find missing Cohen after he was reported missing Wednesday by a relative who had gone to the Israeli embassy for help.

Bitton owed money to Cohen, police said, and the last time they had met was at a restaurant in Khaosan Road prior to Cohen’s disappearance.

“We traced the dad suspect because he used his debit card at Big C Bang Yai, near Central WestGate,” Pattapon said. “Then we tracked the father-son pair and managed to bring the son in for questioning.”

That led them to Saturday’s grim discovery.

“The son confessed that he saw his dad kill Cohen at home, and then purchase materials to pour concrete over the body.” Pattapon said. From that officers obtained a search warrant for the Betans’ rental home in Nonthaburi, where Cohen’s body was found. An autopsy was being conducted.

Police Capt. Kanok Wangjaipho said Sunday that the two suspects were being held at the Bang Bua Thong police station, and both would be charged with first-degree murder.


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Russian drug dealer arrested after hiding for three years in Pattaya

On November 20 immigration Bureau officers arrested one of the world’s most wanted drug dealers who, it had been discovered, had been hiding out in Pattaya.

Twenty-seven year old Russian national, Mr Dmitry Filipsin, was detained on an International Arrest Warrant after being located at a condo in Mooban Dusit View, Huayyai, Pattaya.

After three years on the run Filipsin was identified, although gave arresting officers a Ukrainian passport.

This was cross checked with the Ukrainian Embassy and found to be false.

Filipsin has been charged with being in possession of a fake passport and will now be processed for deportation.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

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Frenchman arrested for compatriot's murder on Samui
Georges Michel, 65, allegedly shot dead his compatriot on Koh Samui, is caught in Don Sak district of Surat Thani on Thursday afternoon and taken to Koh Samui police station

read more-http://www.bangko...r-on-samui

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Two Bolivians Nabbed With 5 Kilos Of Coke At Swampy

Two Bolivian drug smugglers were arrested on Friday as they transited through Suvarnabhumi airport carrying five kilos of cocaine.

Two suitcases, belonging to Nancy Caseres, 41, and Enrique Reque, 39, were x-rayed during their transfer from a flight originating in Ethiopia with the pair heading to Cambodia.

During a search of their luggage by customs officials, 2.6kgs of cocaine were found in Ms Caseres bag and a further 2.4kgs in the suitcase belonging to Mr Reque.

Investigators told reports the pair had boarded a flight in Sao Paulo, Brazil and travelled to Toga where they then to a flight to Ethiopia before landing in Thailand where they’d hoped to make a quick stop before flying to Siem Reap in Cambodia, their final destination.

The pair were detained pending further legal proceedings…. meaning, a lengthy stay in the monkey house.

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en mere til samlingen

Russian Drug Mule Arrested Trying To Smuggle Cocaine Into The Country
Published on 24th January 2017 by Stickboy BKK

A 32-year-old Russian woman was arrested at Suvarnabhumi airport last Wednesday for attempting to smuggle cocaine into Thailand.

Immigration officers became suspicious of Ilia Makuschova when she landed on a flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Following an x-ray she was found to be carrying 57 packets containing 650g of cocaine that she had swallowed. It took five days in hospital for all the evidence to pass through her system.

She confessed to attempting to smuggle the drugs telling officers she was paid $3,500 by an African man in Brazil to bring the drugs to Thailand and deliver them to another African man in Bangkok.

Makuschova was charged with importing, possession and intent to sell Category 2 drugs. She was detained pending further legal proceedings.

Photo Credit:

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Brit Shot Dead In Pattaya

A British man was shot dead as he sat in his car outside a fitness club in Pattaya on Tuesday.

39-year-old Tony Kenway was sat in the drivers seat of his Porsche Cayenne GTS outside the Sanit Sports Club when the gunman approached the car, opened the door and shot him dead before fleeing on a motorbike.

Eyewitnesses described the gunman as a “chubby man wearing a white T-shirt and black jacket”.


Bangkok post Skriver

Detectives are convinced Briton Tony Kenway was deeply involved in illegal businesses in Pattaya, and this is the most likely motive for his murder.

Two Men Wanted Over Brits Murder Have Fled The Country

Police have identified two men wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of a British man in Pattaya on Tuesday.


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73-year-old Danish man arrested for allegedly buying sex from 17-year-old boy

Pattaya police Wednesday arrested a 73-year-old Danish man for having allegedly lured a 17-year-old boy to have sex with him in exchange for Bt500 in cash.

Arne Nielsen was arrested at a Pattaya bar at 11 am.

He was charged with coercing a boy under 18 years to have sex with him on January 20. The boy’s parents filed a complaint with a child protection foundation on Saturday, prompting police to obtain an arrest warrant against him.


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Death sentence handed down for Pattaya Hell’s Angel murder
The late former Hell's Angel Wayne Schneider, right. Photo: Ben Rushton

A Thai court has sentenced an Australian man to the death penalty for the kidnapping and murder of a Hells Angels member alleged to have been a major drug trafficker.

read more http://asiajack.n...el-murder/

Sentenced to death in Thailand – Video of arrest


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til skræk og advarsel

Banged Up Abroad – Drug Smuggler Sandra Gregory Jailed In Thailand

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tre små faranger der stjæler dametasker :(

One of the men can be seen trying to reach over to carefully grab the bag which is placed next to the victim before pulling his arm away quickly just moments before the trio are interrupted by a waitress.

Once the waitress has left, the man again slowly starts to make a move for the bag, while his two accomplices look around nervously but at the same time try to act calm by flicking through the pages of a menu.

Once the man grabs the handbag he passes to his accomplice who briefly looks through it before leaving the table with bag in hand before the other two men flee the scene.

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American Tourists Who Stole Large Wooden Elephant Arrested

Three American tourists have been arrested this afternoon on Koh Phangan after a short hunt for the trio who stole a wooden elephant from outside a Koh Samui restaurant.

Drew Davidson, John Johnson and Andrew Corso were stopped by police in a rented pickup with the stolen goods stashed in the back.

The three were taken into custody and will be sent to Koh Samui where they committed the crime to be charged with theft.


The three men have been identified as Drew Davidson, John Johnson and Andrew Corso.

The arrived in Thailand at the beginning of June

All three men are in their early 20’s and were staying at the The Lodge Bophut Beach Hotel with Corso renting a pickup truck where he left behind his Virginia drivers license.

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World’s most wanted man was arrested in Bangkok

In a dingy back-street bar in Bangkok, three men clinked their beer bottles in celebration. They looked like men you would cross the street to avoid – and rightly so.

The first was a short, stout SAS veteran with a shaved head who spent two decades flying food, weapons and soldiers across Africa in battered Second World War planes.

His drinking buddies were even scarier – a Guatemalan policeman turned drug dealer who smuggled 2,800 kilos of cocaine into Mexico and a Colombian rebel soldier who sold drugs for guns.

Abandoning their lives of crime, this terrifying trio became the real-life A-Team.

They had one goal. To arrest the world’s biggest arms dealer, Viktor Bout, who evaded and humiliated MI6 and the CIA for 10 years. And they had just succeeded.

Bout was a former Russian spy who built a £5 billion empire selling weapons to warlords and terrorists who used them to kill millions.

His deals earned him the nickname the Merchant of Death and inspired the Nicolas Cage blockbuster Lord of War.

By the early 21st century Bout was the second most-wanted man on the planet after Osama bin Laden , whose terrorists he armed.

Yet he proved untouchable until the US government recruited the A-Team to trap him in the most ambitious and expensive sting ever attempted.

Author Damien Lewis, whose new book Operation Relentless reveals how they captured Bout, says: “Nobody else could have done what they did.

“Security agencies from Britain, the US, France and Belgium spent a decade or more trying to get Viktor Bout.

“But it took a team of three guys with chequered histories, poachers turned gamekeepers who lived their whole lives on the edge, to bring him down. It’s remarkable.”


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Images show Mr Buil bleeding after the attack, left, and having received medical attention in hospital, including stitches, right

Former British policeman attacked by biker gang in Thailand

Terrifying moment biker gang smashes up British ex-pat’s bar after they set up a rival drinking den in Thailand.

A British former policeman claims a biker gang assaulted him with a truncheon before smashing up his pub in north-eastern Thailand.

Lee Buil, 57, formerly of Hull, Yorkshire, was left needing 18 stitches after he was allegedly assaulted by a number of men in his venue in Surin, Thailand.


Soldiers and police have launched a manhunt for a group of foreigners known to be riding heavy motorcycles in connection with the assault of a British pub owner in Surin on two consecutive nights.

Army officers from the Surin office of the Internal Security Operation Command and officers from Muang Surin police station on Monday checked the Monkey House pub to interrogate Ashley Buil, 57, and his Thai wife, Narisara Boonchart, 39.

Authorities went to the pub after a staff member posted on Facebook that her British boss had been attacked by a gang of foreigners on Friday and Saturday nights but local police had not taken any action. The suspects also damaged the pub’s property, the posts said.

According to the posts, the foreigners were wearing T-shirts printed with “Outlaw Nomad” and “Outlaw Thailand” insignias.

Narisara told military officers that her husband had thrown one of the foreigners out of the pub almost two years ago because he liked to quarrel with others when he was drunk.


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Samui police Saturday arrested an alleged American paedophile while he was buying a ticket for a ferry boat to travel to Bangkok, said Surat Thani Immigration Police Chief Pol Col Wanchana Borwornboon.

Wanchana said Jackson Mathew Hall, 28, was apprehended under US arrest warrants and a letter from the US embassy. He was charged with unlawful entry into the Kingdom by using a fake passport and fake identity.

Hall told officers that he has a Thai wife and has had a child with her. He said he has been on the run through several provinces after learning that he was wanted by Interpol and Thai police. He had most recently been hiding on Koh Samui.

He was detained at the Koh Samui police station pending transfer to the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok for extradition. His arrest came shortly after Thai social media widely circulated a warning by the Friends of Women Foundation that an alleged US paedophile was hiding in Thailand and disguising himself as an English teacher under a false name.


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det var en mild dom :( han skulle have fået mindst 16 år uden prøve løsladelse

German national Nico Papke, a 36-year-old fitness instructor in Phuket, has been sentenced to serve more than eight years in jail for the murder of his girlfriend Pischa ‘Lek’ Nampadung, for stealing her ATM card and for a drugs-related charge.
Papke, from Altdöbern, Germany, was arrested for the murder Ms Pischa, 35, on July 11 last year after her body was found dumped in the jungle in Wichit two days earlier.

Read More: http://bangkokjac...irlfriend/

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Han skulle have været frikendt, han gjorde jo kun hvad thai-kvinder har gjort i mange år mod udlændinge i Thailand:VI

Oprettet af bz d. 16-09-2018 14:21

skipper skrev:
Han skulle have været frikendt, han gjorde jo kun hvad thai-kvinder har gjort i mange år mod udlændinge i Thailand:VI

han blev jo frikendt næsten da, han fik 8 år det vil sige at han er ude efter 4

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tiggeri er forbudt i Thailand

her ser vi to turister der tigger de vil have hjælp til deres rejse

de bliver anholdt får en bøde på 500 baht det afskrækker dem ikke på fotoet ses de samme to, nu er deres motorcykel gået i stykker, giv os penge

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Three french tourists face years in Thai jail for making false robbery claim on Samui

Police on the holiday island of Koh Samui said that three French tourists claimed that they were robbed at knife point by five Thai men on three motorcycles after they got lost.

They claimed that everything was stolen from them and the thieves disappeared without a trace.

They have shown to be lying for the purposes of insurance fraud and now face three years in jail themselves.

olice suspected they may be telling lies because they couldn't say where and exactly when it happened. Subsequent inquiries with song thaew drivers and others showed a distinct lack of any witnesses.

The trio were confronted at their hotel and eventually admitted to lying for insurance fraud.

All the missing possessions were found in a room in a hotel next to where they were staying.


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Cute’ begpacker selling pics of himself for flight home gets love from Thai women

A blond begpacker selling his travel photos for a flight home attracted a small crowd at Hat Yai’s Greenway Market last night, and unlike popular opinions from the international community, many Thais spoke in support of the shameful, illegal action — even describing the disheveled young man in orange shants as “cute.”

“He’s traveling the world and looking for money to go back to Ukraine. He’s selling the photos he took himself. We can pay how much we want. He also tells a story with every photo. Let’s help him. #PleaseShare,” the woman wrote.

Another woman commented, “I just went to him today. I just told him he was cute.”

A third lady tagged her female friend and left the questionable comment, “Are you interested? He’s white! You can get a picture and talk to him. So worth it.”

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ATM skrev:
tiggeri er forbudt i Thailand

her ser vi to turister der tigger de vil have hjælp til deres rejse

de bliver anholdt får en bøde på 500 baht det afskrækker dem ikke på fotoet ses de samme to, nu er deres motorcykel gået i stykker, giv os penge

igen igen igen, tre gange er de kære falanger blevet anholdt en gang i Krabi, Phuket og Bangkok

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Kanyarat Wechapitak and Luke Cook have been handed the death penalty for drug smuggling in Thailand.

A Perth member of the notorious bikie group Hells Angels and his wife have been sentenced to death in Thailand for trying to smuggle half a tonne of crystal methamphetamine into Australia.

Luke Cook, 34, and his Thai wife Kanyarat Wechapitak, 40, were arrested at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport last December and charged in relation to a 2015 plot to smuggle an estimated $300 million of crystal meth - or ice - into Thailand and then on to Australia.

A Thai court has sentenced the couple to death, but that is expected to be commuted to life in prison, media reports on Wednesday said.

Full story: https://www.9news...-for-drugs

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Brothers wanted in UK for drug dealing caught in Chon Buri

CHON BURI: Two British brothers wanted for drug trafficking in their home country have been arrested at a resort in Muang district. Joseph Michael Mulhare, 43, and Gregory Michael Mulhare, 38, were apprehended at a resort in tambon Don Hualor, Pol Maj Gen Surachate Hakparn, acting chief of the Immigration Bureau, told reporters on Thursday.

Their arrest followed a request by the British embassy. The two brothers were said to be members of a drug trafficking gang who had fled to Thailand on Nov 2 and thought to be hiding in Pattaya.

read more https://www.bangk...recent_box

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American tourist, 25, shot dead after stealing gun and going on shooting spree in Thailand
An American tourist was shot dead after stealing a gun and opening fire at locals in Thailand yesterday evening (November 2).

Michael Giavasis, 25, stole a Glock 9mm from a shooting range in Pattaya before firing it in the air as he rode a motorcycle back to his apartment.

Police gave chase while ordering loads to be locked down.

Giavasis arrived back at his home where he opened fire in the car park outside hitting a television reporter in the foot and attacking a passerby.

Passerby Pitchakorn, 18, said: "I was waiting outside the building and was slapped by the foreign man before he threatened my sister by aiming a gun at her forehead. Then he fired his handgun in the air.''

The injured reporter, Tivakorn Kitmanee, said: ''I saw he was firing the gun so I jumped to the ground but a bullet hit me in the foot.''

Giavasis, who had remained in Thailand as a tourist during the coronavirus lockdown, barricaded himself in his room.

Dozens of armed cops surrounded the building while they negotiated with the shooter. However, when they broke down the door of his fourth-floor room at 3 am he was found dead from a gunshot wound to his head.

Police Colonel Khemmarin Phitsamai said the American man refused to meet the officers and a translator while they tried to resolve the incident.

The officer said Giavasis may have killed himself after realising there was no way to escape.

He said: "We evacuated every person from the condominium building so they were all safe. Roads were also closed so drivers were not at risk.

''The American man died from a gunshot wound, which could have been suicide. There will be an investigation.''

Forensic police were examining the room. The body was taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy.

The U.S. Embassy has been informed of the death of Giavasis, who was born in Greece, and his relatives have been informed.

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A Chinese man was arrested after he was allegedly caught selling machine guns over Instagram

Police raided the rented apartment of Wu Qiang, 37, where they reportedly found an arsenal of illegal weapons.

He was lead away in handcuffs from the home in Samut Prakan, Thailand, on Thursday afternoon (Feb 18).

Officers seized nine unregistered assault rifles, two explosives, and a round of ammunition containing 12,000 bullets after searching the place.

More than 40 assorted gun accessories including tools used to make weapons were also allegedly found inside the room.

Aside from the firearms, police said they found plastic packets containing a white substance identified as methamphetamine weighing 5 grams lying on the floor.

Wu Qiang had allegedly been selling the weapons online through an Instagram account that he managed.

Police Lieutenant General Kornchai Klaikeung said undercover cops had verified the reports about his online store before they conducted the raid.

He said: ‘This man was very good at selling with his Master’s Degree in Marketing. He made transactions smoothly and was hard to catch.

‘However, he still will not be able to escape the law. We are looking for other people who might be connected to his activity.’

Police are now investigating where the Chinese man allegedly received his supply from and to wh he had distributed to before.

All of the seized guns were taken to the police station to be held as evidence. Forensics officers were also examining the weapons to find fingerprints.

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To tyske statsborgere, der påstås at være ledere for et stort narkotikanetværk i Europa, blev arresteret af politiet i provinserne Surat Thani og Phuket tirsdag morgen.

De var Alek Kartun, 42, der har tysk-russisk nationalitet, og Alexander Wolfien, 38, en tysk statsborger, sagde immigrationsbureauchef Pol Lt Gen Sompong Chingduang.

Kartun blev anholdt i en luksusvilla på Koh Phangan i Surat Thani og hr. Wolfein ved Rawai-stranden i Phuket tirsdag morgen.

De to mænd var påståede ledere af et stort netværk, der leverede stoffer til bander i flere europæiske lande. De var flygtet fra arrestordrer og boede i Thailand i flere år, sagde poltgeneral Sompong.

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A Swiss tourist ‘high on drugs’ was arrested after going berserk on Koh Chang island. Baur Markus, 58, allegedly took methamphetamine tablets before smashing up his room.

The landlord reported the expat to the police after loud noises were heard from his room. Officers said they found a dental floss box containing 29.79 grams of cannabis. Baur tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana and was charged.

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Foreigner & Thai Wife Sentenced to Death In Thailand | Family Can't Leave Thailand
It is reported that an Aussie man and his Thai wife have been sentenced to death in Thailand on drug smuggling charges.

The father of two, 34-year-old Luke Joshua Cook, and his wife 40-year-old Kanyarat Wechapitak, were arrested at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok in December 2017 following a tip-off from local police, according to Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph.

3 Foreigners & Thai Wife Sentenced to Death in Thailand (UPDATE)

Unbelievable! You won't believe what these four people went through after getting caught in the illegal drug trade in Thailand. This jaw-dropping true story shows just how ruthless the justice system can be in Southeast Asia.

Join us in this shocking video as we reveal how this couple and their accomplices miraculously escaped death row. If you want to know the harrowing details of their incredible journey, don't miss this must-watch video!

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En blot 25-årig polak er sigtet for mord på sin ukrainske kæreste i lejlighed i Bangkok. Parret ankom til Thailand den 29. april som turister.

Manden tog en taxa fra stedet, men chaufføren synes han opførte sig underligt og alt skulle gå meget hurtigt, så han kontaktede bygningens personale.

De fandt via ejeren af lejligheden ud af at den ukrainske kvinde lå død og delvist forsøgt parteret i lejligheden. Antages hun var død nogle dage inden.

Polakken tog taxaen til grænseovergangen til Cambodia i Sa Kaew provinsen og der blev han anholdt på vej ud af Thailand. Politiet har dermed været hurtige med at få efterlysning til grænseovergangene.

Manden har også været vist i TV, som stadig sker selvom det ikke er tilladt, for at vise der fanges forbrydere - også selvom manden faktisk ikke er dømt.

Der må være gået noget helt galt. For at blive spærret inde i tiden indtil domsfældelse og derefter adskillige års fængsel er vist ikke lige gennemtænkt.

»Læs nærmere her: Bangkokpost.

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thai skrev:

En blot 25-årig polak er sigtet for mord på sin ukrainske kæreste i lejlighed i Bangkok. Parret ankom til Thailand den 29. april som turister.

Manden tog en taxa fra stedet, men chaufføren synes han opførte sig underligt og alt skulle gå meget hurtigt, så han kontaktede bygningens personale.

De fandt via ejeren af lejligheden ud af at den ukrainske kvinde lå død og delvist forsøgt parteret i lejligheden. Antages hun var død nogle dage inden.

Polakken tog taxaen til grænseovergangen til Cambodia i Sa Kaew provinsen og der blev han anholdt på vej ud af Thailand. Politiet har dermed været hurtige med at få efterlysning til grænseovergangene.

Manden har også været vist i TV, som stadig sker selvom det ikke er tilladt, for at vise der fanges forbrydere - også selvom manden faktisk ikke er dømt.

Der må være gået noget helt galt. For at blive spærret inde i tiden indtil domsfældelse og derefter adskillige års fængsel er vist ikke lige gennemtænkt.

»Læs nærmere her: Bangkokpost.

Se lige med i denne vidio hvor polaken dummer sig ud over alle grænser:o

Polish killer arrested for murdering Ukrainian girlfriend in Bangkok condo and attempting to dismember her. Shocking details emerge as the killer asked a taxi driver for help via Google Translate to find a cleaner and tools to cut up the body. He was later arrested while trying to flee to Cambodia

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Et fire år langt flugtforsøg har nu fået sin afslutning.

En drabssigtet mand i 50erne er nemlig kommet hjem til sit hjemland, Norge, hvor han har meldt sig til politiet.

Det fortæller det norske TV 2. https://www.tv2.n.../15769784/

Manden har indrømmet, at han tilbage i 2019 dræbte en britisk familiefar på et luksushotel på den thailandske halvø Phuket.

Dog forklarer han selv til mediet, at han handlede af »nødvendighed.«

I snart fire år har han i frygt for de thailandske fængselsstraffe, der siges at være blandt de værste i verden, boet på flere ukendte adresser rundt om på det asiatiske kontinent.

Men fredag lykkes det altså nordmanden at komme med et fly fra Thailand til Paris med et falsk pas.

Var på ferie med sin kæreste
Drabet på den britiske familiefar skete den 21. august 2019.

Nordmanden i 50'erne var på det tidspunkt på ferie med sin kæreste. Sammen boede de på et luksushotel i Phuket, Thailand.

To dage før de skulle hjem, gik de ud og spiste og drak alkohol, inden de gik tilbage til hotellet.

Omkring klokken 04.00 om morgenen skal der være opstået et skænderi mellem nordmanden og den britiske mand, som boede på hotelværelset ved siden af.

Briten siges at have været irriteret over nordmandens sang.

- Så blev det banket på min dør. Jeg troede, de var hotelsikkerhedsvagter. Så åbner jeg døren, og så er det ham, der står der, hævder manden.

Da nordmanden åbner døren, skal han ifølge den drabssigtede nordmand være blevet stukket i skulderen af r03;r03;briten.

Det er på dette tidspunkt, at nordmanden tager kvælertag på briten – i nødstilfælde, ifølge ham selv.

Britens kone kommer med en helt anden forklaring. Hun har forklaret politiet, at det var nordmanden, der kom ind på deres hotelværelse, og at det var ham, der først angreb den britiske småbørnsfar.

læs mere her https://www.tv2.n.../15769784/

TV 2 mødte en morder på flugt i Asien:
- Jeg vil hjem til min datter i Norge og tage min straf

se vidio her https://www.tv2.n.../11177111/

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The dismembered body of a 62-year-old German property agent has been found hidden inside a freezer of a house in southern Thailand. Police have issued arrest warrants for two German suspects believed to be involved in the man’s murder.

For details of the story:

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In a shocking turn of events, new bombshell details have emerged surrounding the gruesome murder on Koh Pha Ngan. Rising Spanish chef Daniel Sancho Bronchalo stands accused of brutally killing his alleged lover, Colombian businessman Edwin Arrieta Arteaga.

The missing top half of the victim's body has been recovered, shedding light on a chilling crime that took place far from the island's party scene. Join us as we delve into the disturbing motive behind this premeditated murder, uncovering shocking revelations that will leave you speechless.

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FCK skrev:
In a shocking turn of events, new bombshell details have emerged surrounding the gruesome murder on Koh Pha Ngan. Rising Spanish chef Daniel Sancho Bronchalo stands accused of brutally killing his alleged lover, Colombian businessman Edwin Arrieta Arteaga.

The missing top half of the victim's body has been recovered, shedding light on a chilling crime that took place far from the island's party scene. Join us as we delve into the disturbing motive behind this premeditated murder, uncovering shocking revelations that will leave you speechless.

lidt om sagen på dansk

Risikerer dødsstraf

Sønnen af den spanske skuespiller Rodolfo Sancho Aguirre er mandag blevet anholdt i Thailand.

Sancho, der til dagligt arbejder som kok, blev mandag stillet for retten i Thailand. Her blev han varetægtsfængslet, sigtet for at have dræbt en colombiansk mand, parteret hans lig - for bagefter at smide ligdelene i vandet.

Hvis Daniel Sancho bliver dømt, risikerer han den hårdest mulige straf. I Thailand er det nemlig muligt at blive idømt dødsstraf for overlagt mord.

»Læs nærmere om sagen på: BT :

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In a riveting tale of international intrigue, an Australian fugitive named Robert Wainwright is apprehended in the picturesque hideaway of Phuket, Thailand, after evading a serious drug charge in his home country.

Discover the thrilling details of his covert escape and the meticulous efforts by Thai authorities to track him down. Stay tuned to unravel this gripping saga of pursuit and capture.

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lidt om sagen På Dansk

Risikerer dødsstraf

Sønnen af den spanske skuespiller Rodolfo Sancho Aguirre er mandag blevet anholdt i Thailand.

Sancho, der til dagligt arbejder som kok, blev mandag stillet for retten i Thailand. Her blev han varetægtsfængslet, sigtet for at have dræbt en colombiansk mand, parteret hans lig - for bagefter at smide ligdelene i vandet.

Hvis Daniel Sancho bliver dømt, risikerer han den hårdest mulige straf. I Thailand er det nemlig muligt at blive idømt dødsstraf for overlagt mord.

»Læs nærmere om sagen på: BT her:

Politichefens konklusion

Den thailandske politigeneral Surachate Hakparn er bedre kendt under øgenavnet 'Big Joke'.

Mandag 21. august besluttede 'Big Joke' sig så for at give et længere interview til spanske medier om sagen. Her kom han med flere nye brikker til puslespillet.

For det første kunne han fortælle, at den endelige obduktionsrapport netop var færdig.

Her slog retsmedicinerne fast, at Edwin Arrieta var død, fordi han fik skåret halsen over – og der var ikke spor af slag i hovedet.

Ifølge 'Big Joke' forsøgte Daniel Sancho at gøre det forbi med Edwin Arrieta, som ikke ønskede at afslutte forholdet.

Samtidig havde Daniel Sanchos kæreste, Laura, været på vej til Thailand, og de to havde planlagt at gifte sig kort efter.

Derfor besluttede Daniel Sanchos ifølge politiet at afslutte forholdet til sin mandlige elsker med en 20 centimeter lang kniv.

»Læs nærmere på: TV2

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Tænk sig at slå en bøsse ven der sender 25.000 euro hver måned. ihjel

Ifølge den spanske avis La Vanguardia
viser efterforskningen, at Daniel Sancho havde et kreditkort til en konto, hvortil Edwin Arrieta overførte omkring 25.000 euro hver måned.

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Nye detaljer

Retssagen er endnu ikke berammet, og præcis hvordan tiltalen kommer til at lyde, vides ikke med sikkerhed, men politiet i Thailand skal fremlægge et anklageskrift inden 27. oktober.

Og som dagene går, dukker mere og mere bevismateriale fra thailandsk politi op i den sultne spanske presse.

For eksempel én af de tegninger, Daniel Sancho lavede under afhøringerne hos politiet på Koh Phagnan.

På tegningen, der er offentliggjort af politiet, kan man se Daniel Sanchos håndtegnede skitse af, hvordan han parterede sin colombianske ven i 17 dele.

Dele, der i øvrigt stadig mangler flere af.

Læs og se nærmere på: TV2 https://nyheder.t...det-svaert

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Reno Penti Olavi Martin blev anholdt, billede af Thairath via The Thaiger.

60-årig svensker blev forleden nappet af politiet på Koh Samui efter 2 år på flugt.

Han har været efterlyst for narkohandel i Thonglor distriktet i Bangkok i 2020.

Politiet fandt ifølge nyhederne frem til svenskeren da han taggede et resort som han boede på. Ifølge politiet har han tagget et opslag kl 4 om morgenen og blev anholdt ved aftenstid samme dag.

Udover anklagerne for narkohandel er hans opholdsgrundlag også udløbet for lang tid siden og har 624 dages overstay.

Udsigterne er ikke for gode. Alene overstayed giver 10 års indrejseforbud.

Evt dom for narkohandel kan godt blive en del år også. Han er endnu ikke dømt.

kilde https://scandasia...-thailand/

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Dansker anholdt i Thailand

En dansk mand blev tirsdag lokal tid anholdt i Thailand for ulovlig våbenbesiddelse.

Det skriver mediet The Thaiger.

Manden, hvis alder er ukendt, risikerer op til ti års fængsel, efter at thailandske betjente ransagede hans bopæl på øen Koh Samui og fandt tre pistoler, en shotgun og hundredvis af patroner, lyder det.

Danskeren har erkendt, at det er hans våben. Han påstod over for politiet, at han har en stor passion for skydevåben, hvorfor han var opsat på at opbygge en stor samling.

Han har ifølge mediet købt våbnene og ammunitionen på internettet.

Ud over en fængselsstraf risikerer han en bøde på op mod 20.000 thailandske baht svarende til knap 4.000 danske kroner.

»Citat fra Ekstre Bladet

ER han Dansker eller Svensker((7))

Swedish Man Found With four Guns and 200 Bullets on Samui Island

A Swedish “businessman” was found with four guns and more than 200 bullets at a house on Samui Island, say Thai police.

On Tuesday (October 10th) a team from the Royal Thai Immigration Bureau with a search warrant searched a house which belonged to a foreigner they identified only as MR. ADAM, 33, a Swedish national in Soi Khao Phra,

Bo Phut sub-district. Police found three handguns, a rifle, and more than 200 bullets. He was then taken to the Bo Phut Police Station.

»Citat fra thepattayanews.

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Police arrested a Qatari man for allegedly raping an 18 year old Thai man in a bathroom of a private hospital in Bangkok. The suspect denied the charges.

An officer from Lumpini Police Station conducted an investigation into the sexual assault case and managed to identify the suspect as a 23 year old Qatari man named Saoud Hussain Ma Alyafel. Police checked security cameras inside and outside the hospital to find out where Saoud was staying.

While officers were investigating at the hospital, Saoud turned up at the hotel’s emergency room. Officers presented themselves and informed Saoud of the charges, which he denied. Saoud is now in police custody for questioning.

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Thailand News | Swiss fugitive caught after 8 years in hiding

Officers from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) today arrested a Swiss man at a house in the Isaan province of Kalasin after he escaped arrest for manufacturing and offering illegal medicines in Switzerland and hid in Thailand for more than eight years.

Oprettet af eneber d. 19-12-2023 16:13
#50 faranger.jpg

PHUKET: A Finnish tourist in Phuket swindled his parents out of 7,000 euros
by pretending he had been arrested and needed that amount to be released,
police have said.

Pol Lt Col Ekachai Siri, a superintendent of tourist police on the southern
island, said police received a complaint on Friday that the parents of a
Finnish man, 27, had lost contact with their son after being informed that
police were extorting money from him.

On Saturday police managed to find the Finnish man and another compatriot
aged 34.

The superintendent said that when brought to the Patong police station, the
two admitted to interrogators that one of them had lied to his parents, saying
he had been arrested by local police, who were demanding 7,000 euros to
release him.

Read more

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Late in the afternoon yesterday, an unusual spectacle unfolded on Soi Ta-iad in Chalong, Phuket. A visibly agitated, physically imposing man was seen storming down the street, brandishing a nine-inch knife. The sight served as a jarring interruption to the tranquillity typically enjoyed by the fitness enthusiasts and athletes training in Muay Thai and MMA on this street.

Visit The Thaiger for the full story here: https://thethaige...with-knife

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Oprettet af thai d. 23-12-2023 15:28

Police released a video of a drunk British man refusing to be arrested and attempting to assault Thai police after he crashed his pickup into another vehicle in Sattahip district, Chon Buri province.

Visit The Thaiger for the full story here: https://thethaige...hai-police

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Oprettet af thai d. 31-12-2023 12:37

Drunken tourist newly arrived in Thailand has an unwelcome first stop in Pattaya at the police station after forgetting where he was staying and refusing to leave his taxi.

read more https://thepattay...n-instead/

Oprettet af thai d. 02-01-2024 09:58

In Pattaya, a group of Indian tourists and some Thai locals broke into a fight in the middle of the road at Pattaya beach on December 28.

Oprettet af thai d. 08-01-2024 11:58

A brawl between a group of British and South African tourists on Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket, was reported to local police yesterday morning, January 5.

Visit The Thaiger for the full story here: https://thethaige...angla-road

Oprettet af thai d. 06-02-2024 12:14

Swiss man’s wife missing in Thailand after inheriting 13 million baht

The search intensifies for a Swiss national’s Thai wife, who mysteriously disappeared after inheriting a fortune of over 13 million baht (US$364,861). Despite extensive efforts, there remains no trace of Orathai (surname withheld), following a domestic dispute on January 8. Her sister, Thidarat (surname withheld), disclosed financial transactions that could provide leads in the investigation.

Read more https://thethaige...llion-baht


Dark news as Swiss husband confesses to a brutal murder. Thai Wife found with a card in her mouth – Jack of Hearts

A day of horrifying revelations, as 53-year-old Swiss husband, Mr Roland confessed to strangling his Thai wife, Orathai Posee-ngarm. The woman inherited ฿13 million in 2021. Shockingly, a ‘Jack of Hearts’ playing card was found in her mouth, challenging any claims that this was not a gruesome crime. It culminated on Monday in a cornfield, leaving the community stunned, angered and demanding justice.

read more

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Oprettet af ana d. 06-03-2024 09:46

Swiss retiree’s brutal attack on Thai woman sparks outcry in Trang

A shocking incident at a shopping mall in the city of Trang Yesterday left a 58-year-old Thai woman with severe injuries after a violent altercation with a 60 year old Swiss national, Dieter Matthias Straumann. The 25 year old victim’s son, Kritpong Kikkham, is resolute in seeking justice for his mother, who is now hospitalised with a prognosis of at least one month’s recovery.

The confrontation began when the victim, Natchanan Kikkham, was shopping and accidentally bumped into Straumann, leading to a heated exchange. Straumann, who has been living in Thailand on a retirement visa, reportedly attacked Natchanan without provocation, striking her multiple times and then fleeing the scene. Witnesses report Natchanan threw a water bottle in retaliation, after which Straumann returned, choking and beating her further, even slamming her head against the floor.

Straumann was subsequently detained by local police for questioning but remained tight-lipped throughout the interrogation. His recent passport renewal on October 28, 2023, and the upcoming visa expiration on November 14, 2024, indicate his legal status in the country. The police have prepared to charge him with serious assault due to the gravity of Natchanan’s injuries, which include a broken nose and chest trauma, rendering her unable to breathe properly.

Kritpong, who along with relatives has been appealing for fairness at the Trang Hospital, recounted his mother’s harrowing experience, emphasizing the unprovoked nature of the attack. Multiple witnesses within the mall have come forward, ready to testify on Natchanan’s behalf. The police, after a preliminary medical report, are consolidating evidence for Straumann’s potential prosecution.

read more https://thethaige...y-in-trang

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#58 2024-03-08 114925.jpg

Seks indiske statsborgere er blevet anholdt i Suvarnabhumi lufthavn anklaget for forsøg på at smugle 87 vilde dyr, blandt dem en rød panda, ud af landet.

Alle dyrene var på den beskyttede liste i konventionen om international handel med truede arter af vilde dyr og planter (Cites). Opdagelsen blev gjort, efter at betjente bemærkede uregelmæssigheder i nogle røntgenresultater af bagage på en Thai Airways International-flyvning til Mumbai, sagde Athapol Charoenshunsa, generaldirektør for Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP).

De rejsende blev identificeret som Suresh Kumar Baghel, 51; Iyer Raja Devendra, 33; Sagar Trilok Soni, 36; Sunny Ramesh Kumar Kochhar, 32; Nitish Thapar, 29; og Shanti Laxmansingh Negi, 56.

Det beslaglagte dyreliv omfattede 29 firben, herunder Black Throat Monitor-øgler; 21 slanger inklusive majsslanger og røde bambusslanger; 15 fugle inklusive paradisfugle og Alexandrine papegøjer; syv bengalske Øben; fire leguaner; to rødøjede egern, et par tamariner i bomuld, to flagermus, en rotte, en fiskerkat, en rød panda, en Sulawesi-bjørnekuscus og nogle frøer.

De mistænkte blev anklaget for smugleri af vilde dyr, dyresygdomsbekæmpelse og fiskeriovertrædelser og toldundgåelse.


Redigeret af Tulle d. 08-03-2024 11:54

Oprettet af thai d. 19-03-2024 09:02

Drama i ferieparadis: Turister overmander betjent

To newzealændere er angiveligt blevet anholdt i Phuket, Thailand, efter at de skulle have overmandet en lokal politibetjent og forsøgte at tage hans pistol. Det skriver The New Zealand Herald. I videoen kan man dog høre den ene af de to mænd påstå, at betjenten angreb dem.

De to mænd er begge blevet sigtet for røveri, hindring af politiets arbejde, fysisk angreb på en politibetjent, kørsel uden kørekort og bestikkelse. Få hele historien og se noget af den dramatiske episode Ekstrabladet

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Oprettet af thai d. 20-03-2024 12:10

Chonburi Immigration rounds up illegal foreign workers during Pattaya music festival.

At 12:30 AM, on March 16th, 2024, Chonburi immigration officers launched a field inspection and arrested many illegal foreign workers from neighboring countries in the Pattaya area.

read more https://thepattay...taya-area/

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Dansk mand idømt 2,5 års fængsel i Thailand

En dansk mand og hans thailandske kone har torsdag fået en dom på to og et halvt års fængsel i Thailand.

Manden, der er tidligere resort-manager, blev først anklaget af sin tidligere samarbejdspartner for forbrydelsen, og onsdag blev han og konen dømt.

Anklagen imod den danske mand lød på bedrageri, som han har begået imod sin tidligere britiske partner. Det skriver mediet »Scandasia.

Den danske mand har i forbindelse med salget af et hotel, han tidligere har været direktør for, ulovligt overført andele fra sin tidligere samarbejdspartner og sig selv til sin kone.

Den nu dømte dansker havde ellers anket sagen, men da han endnu en gang er dømt, har man ifølge thailandsk lov stort set udtømt sine muligheder for at tage sagen videre med en appel.

30. april venter der dog stadig en civil retssag.

Her har den britiske mand sagsøgt både sin tidligere samarbejdspartner fra Danmark, samt en långiver, som har krævet retten over hotellet på grund af udeblevne betalinger.

Den britiske mand vil i det civile søgsmål have ejerskabet til hotellet eller blive kompenseret med en tilsvarende værdi.

Citat fra BT.
Stig Wulff in a photo from July 2021. Photo: FaceBook.

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En dansk mand og hans thailandske kone har torsdag fået en dom på to og et halvt års fængsel i Thailand.

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Dansker idømt to år og fem måneders fængsel i Thailand (TV2)

Former Danish hotel owner just released from prison faces another, longer stretch, behind bars (Thai

Long time Danish resident stuck in Thai immigration detention in complicated case (ScandAsia)

Appeals Court confirms 2 years jail sentence to Danish resort manager (ScandAsia)

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British Farang Steals 100million Baht Statue From Neighbouring Village IN Rural Thailand...

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Pattaya Bar Staff Reportedly Assaulted by German Man who Allegedly Refused to Pay His Bill

A bar staff member and her manager in Pattaya filed a police report against an alleged German dine-and-dasher who reportedly refused to pay his bill and also attacked them on Sunday, April 7th, 2024.

At 3 PM on April 7th, Ms. Anchisa Thongpuek, a manager of a Pattaya bar on Soi Lengkee, and Ms. Warunee Yodpromwaen, a staff member, filed a police report at the Pattaya Police Station, accusing an unidentified German man of assault.

The two women narrated that the attack occurred around 2:00 AM on the same day that they filed the report. A German man, accompanied by his Thai wife, entered their bar and ordered beers. However, when presented with the bill after finishing their drinks, the man allegedly refused to pay, claiming the bar had inflated the charges. Despite the bar’s explanation of the bill, which was around 1,000 baht, the man became belligerent.


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Thai police arrested a British man after he allegedly begged for money to buy drugs outside a convenience store in Koh Pha Ngan, an island in the southern province of Surat Thani.

Locals on Koh Pha Ngan reported to authorities after seeing a foreign man begging outside a 7-Eleven convenience store and using drugs in the area. Officers from the Koh Pha Ngan Police Station and the Tourist Police went to the store near the Phan Thip Market and arrested the foreigner yesterday, April 17.

The foreign beggar was identified as a 47 year old Englishman named Nicholas James Hartas. He was found sitting shirtless outside the store with a paper sign that said, “IF YOU CAN. PLEASE! MONEY FOR FOOD.”

Police checked Hartas’s criminal history and found that he had escaped arrest in a drug case in Koh Samui and sought refuge in Koh Pha Ngan. Hartas confessed to fleeing from the arrest in Koh Samui, stating that he resorted to begging for food. However, residents informed the police that the majority of the money earned from begging was used to purchase drugs.


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#66 2024-04-27 171620.jpg

I mere end et halvt år har eks-industriarbejder Jesper Jensen været spærret inde i en trang, fælles arrestcelle med op imod 30 andre i Samut Prakan en times kørsel syd for Bangkok.
I næste måned bliver hans straffesag om tyveri af en dyr luksus-dametaske afviklet over to retsdage. Selv nægter han sig skyldig.

læs mere her https://ekstrabla...e/10207922

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Jesper Jensen slap "billigt" for tyveri i Thailand

Oprindeligt stod Jesper Jensen til fire års fængsel og en klækkelig bøde for tyveri af en eksklusiv 17.000 kroners dametaske og to små Buddha-amuletter i Bangkoks internationale lufthavn.

Men fordi Jesper Jensen erkendte tyveriet blev straffen halveret. Der var afsat to dage til retssagen, men den kunne afsluttes på under en time da danskeren erkendte sig skyldig.

Den Jesper Jensen har siddet varetægtsfængslet siden november måned og kan med dommen se frem til at komme ud når han udvises af Thailand om forventeligt et par uger.

Jesper Jensen skal udover dommen selv betale for rejsen ud af Thailand, samt for at overskride sit visum.

Læs nærmere om sagen her:
Ekstra Bladet https://ekstrabla...n/10239324

ScandAsia https://scandasia...o-denmark/

A 47 year old Danish man was on 18 November 2023 apprehended in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on charges of stealing an expensive Celine handbag and five less expensive items in the bag. Total value 94.500 THB.

Læs nærmere om sagen her: https://scandasia...k-airport/

A 47-year old Danish man, Jesper Jensen, denied the allegations of theft in his first hearing in the Samut Prakan Provincial Court in Thailand on Monday, the 19 February 2024. Three months after the Dane’s arrest, his statement has now been recorded by the court of law. The Danish man was arrested on 18 November 2023 in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and is accused of stealing an expensive Celine handbag and five less expensive items in the bag.

Læs nærmere om sagen her: https://scandasia...t-meeting/

I was there to visit Danish Jesper Jensen, who has been held in Samut Prakan Prison near Bangkok since november 2023 for allegedly stealing a bag. According to himself, he never intended to steal the bag, but was looking to return it to the owner, as he had found it unattended at the airport. He is currently waiting for his sentencing, which presumably will happen on 16 May 2024.

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Danish prisoner soon to be deported to Denmark

Læs nærmere om sagen her: https://scandasia...o-denmark/

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12 års fængsel for drab på thailandsk kvinde

Den 27-årige Frederik Petersen er blevet idømt 12 års fængsel for at have dræbt en 57-årig thailandsk kvinde på en massageklinik. Det var kvinden selv, der lukkede sin drabsmand ind.

Da en bekendt til en 57-årig thailandsk kvinde den 21. juni sidste år ankom til hendes massageklinik på Alderlers Alle i Fårevejle, var det et uhyggeligt syn, der var i vente.

På adressen lå den 57-årig kvinde nemlig dræbt, og det blev startskuddet til en større eftersøgning og politiaktion, der tirsdag er kulmineret med en drabsdom ved Retten i Holbæk til den nu 27-årige Frederik Petersen.

Ifølge dommen ankom han tidligt om morgenen den 21. juni til massageklinikken, efter han havde været til en fest i området.

Her åbnede den 57-årig kvinde døren for ham og lukkede ham ind, men det resulterede senere på morgenen i et drab, hvor kvinden blev kvalt.

I retten har Frederik Petersen nægtet sig skyldig. Han erkender at have placeret sine hænder på kvindens hals, men siger, at han på grund af hans indtag af stoffer den morgen ikke kan huske, hvad der er foregået.

Den 27-årige mand er bosat i Nykøbing, men blev anholdt to dage efter drabet efter at være blevet efterlyst offentligt på en adresse på Amager.

Frederik Petersen valgte at modtage dommen på 12 års fængsel.

»Læs nærmere her: Sjællandske Nyheder

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Dansk mand strandet i thailandsk fængsel

Dansk mand strandet i thailandsk fængsel
I mere end tre et halvt år har en 54-årig dansker delt fængselscelle med 63 andre i det thailandske fængsel Pattaya Remand Prison. I den ene ende af cellen er et fælles toilet, som blot er et hul i gulvet omgivet af en knæhøj mur.

Han beskriver selv tiden som et ”levende helvede på jord”.

Pattaya Remand Prison ligger i udkanten af den kendte bade- og festby Pattaya et par timers kørsel syd for Bangkok. Men selv om fængslet kun ligger ganske kort fra Pattayas palmestrande og sprudlende natteliv, står forholdene i skærende kontrast til feriebyens mange luksushoteller.

Og lige nu er det alene en bøde på 72.000 danske kroner, som står i vejen for, at den 54-årige kan blive overført fra fængslet i Thailand til Danmark.

Den danske mand blev anholdt og dømt i 2021 for indtagelse af blandt andet hash samt besiddelse og salg af stoffer. Ved anholdelsen havde han 9,5 gram methamfetamin på sig. Den danske mand fik i første omgang en dom på knap 15 års fængsel. Den blev senere sat ned til fem år og syv måneder.

De thailandske myndigheder har egentlig givet grønt lys for overførsel til afsoning i et dansk fængsel, men overførslen er gået i stå på grund af bøden på 72.000 kroner, som den danske mand er blevet idømt udover sin fængselsstraf.

Den danske mand meddeler at han ikke selv har nogen mulighed for at rejse pengene.

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Dansk mand strandet i thailandsk fængsel (DR Nyheder)

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Pattaya Police Arrest Overstaying Russian National for Using Counterfeit Euros

The incident came to light after a money exchange booth employee notified Pattaya police about a Thai man attempting to exchange a counterfeit 500 euro note at the booth on Soi Pratumnak 5 on July 8th. The booth employee realized that the note was fake and immediately alerted the authorities at the Dongtan Police Station.

read more: https://thepattay...eit-euros/

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En dansk mand er blevet anholdt i Thailand

En 27-årig dansk mand er blevet anholdt i Thailand i en sag, hvor en britisk mand blev udsat for et voldsomt røveri. Den danske mand er en del af en gruppe på fire personer, der er blevet anholdt. De tre andre - to mænd og en kvinde - er alle briter.

Offeret havde været i byen i Bangkok med en gruppe turister, som inviterede ham med tilbage til en lejlighed for at feste videre. I lejligheden blev han bundet med reb og tape, banket og angrebet med en strømpistol.

Offeret blev tvunget til at ringe til sin kæreste for at sige, at han tog ud at rejse med nogle venner, der ville komme og hente nogle af hans ting. Det skal have ført til, at gerningsmændene stjal penge og andre genstande til en samlet værdi af cirka 570.000 kroner.

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»Dansker blandt anholdte for voldsomt røveri i Thailand (BT)
»Five foreigners arrested for torturing and robbing British man (The Nation)